The pre-paid provider MetroPCS has several Android devices on the network today including the Samsung Admire that we talked about not too long ago. MetroPCS and Rhapsody have announced today that they have a new service that will be offered to the Android users on the network’s $60 rate plan via an app. The new service offers unlimited music from the Rhapsody database.

Rhapsody has over 12 million songs in its database and the coolest part is that the unlimited music service is included with MetroPCS $60 monthly rate plans. That means users get the unlimited minutes for talk, unlimited texting, and now unlimited music as well. The tunes will be available for as long as the user has access to the MetroPCS network.

The service allows users to manage the music, create playlists, and share their lists with friends on social networks. MetroPCS is already looking good to a lot of users tired of contracts and the addition of unlimited music will make it look better. Now all MetroPCS needs is to land more high-end smartphones.