Will a name change to a product bring better revenue to the company and customer experience to its users? That’s what parent company T-Mobile is hoping will happen for Metro PCS. The US carrier, or rather, un-carrier, has announced that they will be renaming the brand to Metro by T-Mobile which gives it a renewed mission of bringing “value-conscious consumers a trade-off free wireless experience.” Along with the new name will come two new plans to entice new users and keep the old ones tied to the prepaid wireless service.

The name change itself will probably not have much impact on users who already know that it is owned by T-Mobile. But for those who didn’t know it before now, it might add value to the brand, or at least convince them that they will be signing up for a service that isn’t some fly-by-night offering a prepaid plan. Or they may also be turned off that it is associated with T-Mobile if they don’t have a great experience with the brand. It can go either way of course.

The more important thing here is that there will be two new “unlimited” plans under the new monicker. The $50 plan will give you the aforementioned unlimited data (with conditions), 5GB of LTE hotspot, Google One cloud storage and mobile backup. If you get two lines under this plan, you’ll just pay $80 and four lines will get you just $140 per month as opposed to the $200 that you’ll normally pay.

The $60 plan meanwhile will give you a little bit more. Instead of 5GB of LTE hotspot, you’ll be able to get 15GB. What might be even more attractive is that it will come with an Amazon Prime subscription together with your plan. Two lines will give you $90 per month while 4 lines will give you a $150 monthly fee which will save you $90 per month.

But of course unlimited doesn’t really mean unlimited. You “might” (read, will) get throttled if you exceed 35GB in a billing period and your video streaming quality is only up to 480p. But if you’re okay with these restrictions, the new Metro by T-Mobile plans will be rolling out next month.

VIA: SlashGear


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