There are tons of apps on the market that will help you find other apps based on what you already have on your phone and the other apps you download. Most of the apps work pretty much the same. A new app finding application has landed called AppBonus from Metaps. This is different in that it will reward users with points that can be converted to cash money down the road.

The way the system works is that when you install AppBonus it will show you a list of the new apps for the day. Each of the recommended apps you download that are free or paid will get you points. The points vary with the app downloaded. Once you get enough points, they can be traded in for rewards. The rewards include goods and services.

Specifically the app will offer users Amazon gift cards and cash back as I mentioned. The catch is that the user has to keep the app installed for at least 24 hours to get points. The app also has to be officially activated to get any points.

[via Android Market]