Despite the issues that Facebook is currently facing, there are still a lot of people who use Messenger every day to communicate with loved ones and share media as well. Now the latest update to the messaging app allows users to share 360-degree photos as well as HD videos. This will be useful for a lot of people especially since more and more smartphones are coming out that allow you to take panoramic photos and high definition videos, so it makes sense to be able to send them through Messenger.

To send a 360-degree photo, you have to open your phone camera and choose the panorama option. Or you can also use a 360 photo or camera app to capture landscapes, picturesque scenes, an event, or just something that would look interesting in 360 degrees. Then you just have to share it in Messenger just like you would a normal photo. Those receiving it will be able to view it by tapping or dragging the photo or also by moving their phone around to see it in all its glory. You can identify if a photo is panoramic by seeing a compass icon on the lower right-hand side.

As for high quality videos, you can now share and receive HD quality, 720p videos. You can share a video that is saved on your camera roll. Or you can also share a video from one message thread to another that you think would be interested to see it. The video will have an HD or SD marker. You can also change the quality of the video you’re viewing on the lower right side when you’re on full screen mode.

To be able to use these two features, update your Messenger to the latest version. The 360 degree photos are available worldwide already but HD videos are only for Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK and the US, at least for now.

SOURCE: Facebook