While Messenger is one of the most popular ways to communicate with loved ones, it can also be a way for people to harass other people and say all sorts of horrible things that they probably don’t have the balls to say in person. While you could always report those kinds of incidents previously, it wasn’t easy to do it since you had to either go through the Facebook main app or on Messenger web. Now they’re making it easier by giving users reporting tools right from the mobile app itself.

Whenever you want to report a person or conversation that is doing or saying something that violates their community standards, just tap on the person or group that you’re having a chat with. Scroll down until you reach the “Something’s Wrong” section. You will then have to choose from several categories what’s the reason why you’re reporting the person or conversation. Choices include harassment, hate speech, sharing inappropriate things, pretending to be someone, etc. There’s also an option to report suicide or self-harm in case you’re worried about a loved one.

After you’ve submitted the feedback, you can take further action like muting the conversation, ignoring it, or blocking the person. You’ll receive a confirmation if it was sent for review. Just like with reporting on Facebook, they won’t let the person know who is reporting them, in case it leads to further trouble or even danger to the person who reported it.

Facebook continues to encourage people to use their reporting tools, as they are making it easier for people to do so. Some people just complain (on Facebook, usually) about inappropriate content or community standard violations, but still do nothing to report it. Now you can do so easily, so use those tools provided to you.

SOURCE: Facebook