Earth Day Facebook Messenger Kids

Earth Hour has passed but the official Earth Day has yet to happen this coming April 22, Thursday. To celebrate the special occasion, Facebook is updating both the Messenger app and Messenger Kids. Celebrating Mother Earth is the goal and with this round of updates, you can be reminded the importance of caring for the earth and celebrating together with family and friends. The instant messaging apps are receiving new expression tools and features that can be used by everyone.

Update the Messenger and Messenger Kids to the latest version so you can do new things like take a virtual road trip. This feature is a project of Facebook, Portal, and the National Geographic team for the National Parks Week. Check out the 360 custom backgrounds so you can feel as if you’re exploring the Rocky Mountain National Park, Death Valley, Acadia, and Canyonlands.

The Earth Day art suite is now available. It’s ready for the “Earth Week”, complete with new custom stickers and chat theme. This special suite was designed by Lucas Wakamatsu. The team behind it hopes  you start conversions about the plant.

For the Messenger Kids, you can try exploring a magical forest. You can collect flowers within the app, decorate photos, and take pictures with friends virtually courtesy of an AR effect.

You can access the 360 Backgrounds, Chat Themes, Messenger Kids Artwork and Game, and Stickers right within the Messenger and Messenger Kids app. Just get the updated version on the Google Play Store. Feel free to explore the in-app settings and try the different new features available.


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