Group chats on Facebook can be pretty easy to manage if there are only like 10 people in your group. But when that number reaches the hundreds (Facebook allows up to 250 people in a group chat), then you probably need tools to help manage all the members. Facebook Messenger is now giving you the option to have administrator privileges for your bigger group conversations. You will also now be able to invite people to the chat by creating a custom invite link.

You now have the option to have admin approval for approving new members before they are able to join the chat. You will also be able to remove members and also make other members as administrators or remove them from that “position”. The admin option is turned off by default but if you want to activate it, you can find it in the group chat settings. You can also now have a custom link to your group chat which you can use to invite other people to the chat. If approvals are off, they will immediately join the group when clicked.

You can also now have realtime voice and video chats within your group. You can add up to 50 people at a time to these kinds of calls and while they’re ongoing, you can add or remove people as you see fit. If you’re using Messenger Lite, you can also now do video chats if you prefer talking in real time rather than just typing out your messages.

Facebook seems to really be pushing Messenger as a group communication tool as more people are moving away from the social network aspect of the app. They’ve introduced new features the past few months, like adding @mentions, bringing reactions to your chats, adding group payments, and customization options (colors, emoji, nicknames, etc). Do you now prefer to use Messenger over the main Facebook app?

SOURCE: Facebook