We hope this morning you find yourself surrounded with friends and family, loads of gifts, and of course boxes with neat little ribbons and bows on top. It’s Christmas! From all of us here at Android Community to all of our dearest loyal readers, Merry Merry Christmas everyone! Happy Hanukkah! And anything else you’re celebrating this wonderful day.

If you’re one of those Christmas and birthday on the same week people (like my brother) enjoy getting the same amount of gifts that count as birthday presents too — you earned it. As mentioned yesterday, the entire Android Community crew will be taking a break from the world of smartphones, tablets, and Android today to focus on our friends and family for the holidays.

If you just got a new tablet for x-mas check out these tablet apps, as well as a nice selection of apps for a new smartphone. Sadly I’m already doing tech support duty, so be warned when you give your old paps a shiny new smartphone with more features than his car. We’ll be back at it tomorrow morning as usual, accelerating into New Years eve, and the new year to see what Android and Google brings our way.

We have tons to look forward to in the next few months here at Android Community, especially early next year. As you all know we have CES 2013 in early January where we’ll be seeing copious amounts of quad-core 1080p HD smartphones, tablets, and more. Android will continue to grow and expand as the most dominate mobile OS in the world, and we’ll be here each and every step of the way. Make a few Skype or Google+ hangout calls to friends and family, and enjoy the rest of the holidays. We’ve had a pretty amazing year, and we’d like to thank you – the readers, the manufacturers, the PR teams, and the advertisers – for helping make it all possible.

Thanks, and Merry Christmas!


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