If you are an Android using foodie, a new app is now available to download called Menu and Hours. The application allows you to keep the menu and the hours of operation for your favorite local restaurants right on your smartphone. The app hit the Google Play store as of yesterday and is available to download now.

The app is intended to display menus, hours, location, and contact information for independent restaurants in the Louisville, Kentucky area. Sadly, that is the apps glaring flaw since it only works in that one city. I think this is a very interesting premise and it would be nice to have the menus and pricing for local restaurants all around the country.

If you happen to live in Louisville, Kentucky you can get the app for $2.99 and figure out what you want to eat and even call and place your to go order right from within the app. The developers behind the application say that they hope to expand into other cities soon.

Developer Michelle Jones says that she hopes to expand into Lexington, Kentucky and Cincinnati with apps specifically for those markets. The app is also available for iPhone users. It appears that restaurants are added by hand and the developer promises to continue adding more restaurants to the roughly 125 in the database already.

[via Biz Journals]