One of the things that many Android fans get a kick out of with each new version of Android that is announced are the statues that sit on the lawn at Google HQ. One of my favorite of those statues was the new one recently added for Android Jelly Bean. If you somehow missed that statue, it had the typical green Android arms and legs with a clear body.

That clear body was stuffed with gigantic jelly beans. Apparently, the clear body couldn’t stand the heat and melted under the solar barrage. They head of the clear Android statue then popped off, spilling some of the gigantic jelly beans inside. Google’s Dan Morrill says that he believes someone made off with one of the jelly beans.

I wonder how Google made the jelly bean theft assumption, perhaps they counted them. I suspect if that rogue jelly bean made it into unauthorized hands; it will turn up on eBay eventually. Morrill says that the designer of the statue is working on a fix. He also asks people not steal the jelly beans.