A smart home will not be complete without those smart speakers. We only know Google Home and the Amazon Echo products as the more popular ones but their voice assistant systems are already integrated with a lot of the devices. The smart home industry will only expand in the coming years as more companies and OEMs have started to consider the technology.

Starting with Bluetooth speakers, the start home has slowly transformed into smarter versions that can talk back to you, provide information, and do some simple tasks for you. There are many models to choose from already and most of them come in the form of Bluetooth speakers. When you see them inside a home, you would know them immediately. Most of them come in boring, black design but good thing there are those people who’ve been trying to produce more attractive and useful versions like this Mellow.

Mellow is a new Kickstarter project. It’s a Bluetooth speaker that comes in the form of a table. It’s a table and speaker in one that offers clear audio in your living room, bedroom, or the patio. It’s also a side table that you can position anywhere to complete the look of the room and at the same time, work as a Bluetooth-connected speaker.

The Mellow speaker can last up to seven hours of music playback within a 10-meter range. Specs include a 6600mAh batter, two USB ports so you can charge multiple devices, and playback buttons on the side. It looks stylish with its modern design—something that we know interior designers will consider.

The Bluetooth speaker-table is designed by Creatio while the audio technology is by Blueman. The project is now on Kickstarter with a $15,000 fund goal. With only five days to go before deadline, Team Creatio already raised about $55,000. Feel free to support this project by making a pledge and sending your support.

SOURCE: Kickstarter