It’s not just the low-end, entry level Android phone market that’s getting saturated, outfits from China – like Meizu – are becoming bolder in their quest to battle the big boys with flagship level devices that are priced relatively cheaper than those of Samsung, LG, Sony, or Apple. Meizu, according to social media updates, may be coming out with its own flagship sooner than expected.

September 2 is the date to mark, according to Meizu’s Facebook account and the official invite (see below) – which could mean that the outfit may be launching the Flyme OS 4.0 (Meizu’s own rendition of Android), or that they could be launching the MX4, Meizu’s upcoming flagship device. Or it could be both!


According to leaks and rumors, the MX4 might come out in a number of variants, with a “pro” version being the most robust. The MX4 is rumored to be an LTE-capable phone (maybe only for Chinese networks), with a monster 20.7MP main camera purported to be the same the Sony used for the Z2. It will most likely sport a MediaTek chipset, although a Samsung (Exynos) or Qualcomm chipset isn’t impossible as well, being that the model will have different variants.

meizu leak

The phone will reportedly have a generous 3GB helping of RAM, a gorgeous 5.4-inch Quad HD screen, and will be priced at around USD$400. We only have over a week to wait, so we expect to have the real information soon.

VIA: GSM Arena