The official launch of the supposedly new Meizu X smartphone is just a few days away, but of course those mysterious “leakers” will not rest. We supposedly now have some leaked images of the upcoming device which shows the back of the smartphone which confirms some earlier rumors that there will be a ring flash around the camera as well as an antenna-less metal back. What we still don’t have any “proof” of yet is that it will have a brand new Helio chipset as part of their “Make Helio Great Again” slogan.

No, we’re not making up that tagline. It’s actually what’s in their invitation for the November 30 event which will reportedly see the official announcement for the new Meizu X. While obviously it is not the most original slogan, but hey it worked for the president-elect, why not with digital products? Anyway, that is hopefully not the highlight of this launch. Rumors are that the all-metal new smartphone will actually be powered by a new Helio X30 chip, which is actually a deca-core tri-cluster processor. Or if you don’t speak tech, this just means it has a fast procesor.

But the leaked pictures, which show the back of the device may have just confirmed two things. First, that it does have a metal back without the antenna, and second, that it will have a ring flash around the camera. Other than that, we still have no idea what the screen or display size will be and what are the device’s camera resolutions.

All will be revealed on November 30 though so you just have to wait a few more days. We’ll also find out if there is any truth to the rumors that a new Meizu m5 note will also be unveiled during the launch of the Meizu X.

VIA: GSM Arena