Aside from Xiaomi and Huawei, another Chinese OEM is expected to unveil a new product this coming September. We’re not saying it will be an official IFA 2016 launch but the date teased coincides with the tech event in Berlin, Germany. It’s only a possibility. The M3E was the last model introduced that followed the stylish but affordable MX6 flagship and the Meizu M3S.

The teaser image has a “Pro than Pro” reference so it could be a follow-up to the Meizu Pro 6 which was launched in the first half of the year. It couldn’t be the Pro 7 yet so it could be a new Pro 6 variant–a Pro 6S maybe? How about a Pro 6 PRO? The September 3 is clear and final though so we’ll wait and see then.

Analyzing the teaser, a human figure is pointing to the stars–the galaxy. It could be a jab towards the new Galaxy Note 7. If that’s the case, then this ‘Pro than Pro’ device will rival the latest Galaxy Note. Nothing final and official yet but there’s a Meizu phone listed on AnTuTu with the following specs: Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, 32GB onboard storage, 4GB RAM, QHD display screen, 12MP rear camera, and a 5MP selfie cam.

We’re curious to know if this is the Meizu M96 rumored or a totally new phone series. The excitement is building up so expect new leaks and rumors before the September 3 announcement.

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