There’s no question that Meizu, the Chinese-based company, likes to emulate Apple’s iPhone. They do it in such a way, though, that legal action has never been taken against the company. This is helped with the inclusion of Android as the Operating System of choice, along with the company’s utilization of an original User Interface. But, that’s not stopping the physical aspects of the device pulling down ideas from the Cupertino-based company.

The M9, which is set to ship some time in October solely in China (to start, hopefully), features a display that will have a resolution of 960×640. That is remarkably similar, if not exactly like the iPhone 4’s display. The screen’s size, though, will be 3.54-inches, which differs the two devices, even if it is a difference that no one would notice in real world usage. Other similar features include the 1GHz processor, along with the 512MB of RAM tucked away under the hood.

The M9 will feature Android 2.2, apparently, but you’ll barely notice it, as the company goes to great lengths to change the layout of their devices. As we mentioned above, it’s supposed to come out in October of this year, but Meizu is pretty legendary for their missed deadlines, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens. As you can see from the images herein, the UI is certainly Meizu’s, even if there are similarities to others out there. But, with that processor and display, if the M9 does indeed hit the market, it could easily be considered one of the best Android devices out there.

[via MeizuMe; thanks, David]