It looks like Kim Dotcom’s Mega service now has an Android app. Albeit, an unofficial Android app. The app is called Mega Manager and it has been launched in an alpha phase, which somehow seems fitting given the actual Mega service is still carrying a beta tag. The Mega Manager app is available for free and going back to the app being in alpha, it comes with a reminder that it is still a work in progress.

Even with some issues and quirks, this is better than what you have in terms of an official client at the moment — nothing. To be fair though, Kim Dotcom has said that an Android app is under development. What we haven’t heard though, is when that app is expected to arrive. Further details from Dotcom have revealed that apps are coming for Android and iOS as well as Mac, Windows and Linux with “some just weeks away.” Basically, at best we can expect an official Mega Android app in a few weeks time.

Back to the Mega Manager app. In this case the app will alllow you to sign in to your account, browse files and download files. Downloaded files will be sent to your memory card and stored in a folder called /sdcard/MegaManager. It was also noted that all downloaded files will preserve the folder structure. At this time, that is the extent of the feature set. Well, there is also the security and crypto systems which are said to be complete and “using the same algorithms as the web client.”

Given the limited feature set of the Mega Manager app, the list of upcoming features is quite long. Some of the goodies promised include uploading of files/folders, automatic uploading of images, contacts, trash, new account creation, folder sync, transfer overview and history and increased stability. That last one touches on some of the comments found in the Google Play Store listing — some are good and some not so good.

[via Android Authority]