If you’ve been waiting patiently for octa-core, it won’t be long now. MediaTek has announced their latest offering, the MT6595. Though not the first octa-core processor we’ve seen on a device, it’s likely the one with the most attractive feature set. If they can keep ahead of the looming Qualcomm threat, MediaTek octa-core chipsets just might find their way onto more handsets.

The MT595 employs ARM’s Cortex-A17, which also brings big.LITTLE into the fold. The chipset also has MediaTek’s CorePilot technology, and the duo promise speed and power when you need it, and battery saving modes when you don’t. By actuating cores as needed, more tasking applications and actions are achieved with greater ease and speed, while cores inactivate when not in use. What you end up with is a sleeping monster of a SoC.

The new MediaTek chipset also brings MiMo LTE, which has the potential for lightning quick data transfer. MediaTek is saying it can deliver on 150Mbits down and 50Mbits up. It also supports legacy network technology, so it’s not limited to the quickest LTE you can find.

Need more? Okay, we’ll give it to you! There are inductive and resonate wireless charging standards on board, and support for 4K2K video playback along with MediaTek’s ClearMotion technology, which allows for smooth video playback. The SoC also supports up to 20MP cameras 2560 x 1600 displays. All in all, this is a monster chipset.

Then again, MediaTek has found it difficult to find a place in the mainstream market. With Qualcomm dominating Android, and the likes of Samsung and Apple doing their own thing, finding devices to involve themselves in has been rough. Usually a middle-of-the-road chipset maker, MediaTek has a real performer on their hands this time. The question will be whether or not they can withstand the Qualcomm octa-core chipset that’s around the bend, and convince OEMs theirs is the one to beat.

Source: MediaTek