The people and engineers at MediaTek are probably itching to put aside the labels attached to their company, including “entry level”, “cheap”, “low performance levels”. They’ve launched the new Helio series of SoC’s (system-on-a-chip) this year, with the flagship Helio X10 leading the way – and all the signs are good. They might just get even better as these new benchmark numbers of the upcoming Helio X20 chip just blows the competition away.

The Helio X20 is no secret – it is an ambitious deca-core (count that: ten cores) SoC project by MediaTek scheduled to launch in 2016. The chipset – marked as MT6797 – was recently spotted at Geekbench, giving numbers that will beat most of this year’s flagship SoC’s. See the Geekbench image below.


As you would expect, the Helio X20 is a brute when it comes to multi-core performance – all 10 cores in show. It put out a Geekbench total of 7037 points for multi-core performance. For reference, this year’s current king is Huawei’s octa-core Kirin 950 SoC, and it gives around 6200 points. The Helio X20 is no slouch when it comes to single core performance as well, giving a total of 2094 points. Apple’s A9 processor is king of single core performance, boasting around 2500 points.

Most SoC’s rarely do well in single core performance, and they just make sure the multi-core performance makes up for it. It looks like the Helio X20 is a beast both ways. We will have to see which phone becomes the first to sport a Helio X20 and see if the numbers still hold up.

SOURCE: Geekbench