MediaTek recently rolled out a new processor that can offer AI processing. Officially called as the Helio P60 chipset, this SoC features a multi-core AI processing unit, NeuroPilot AI technology, and Arm Cortex A73 and A53 processor. MediaTek built the processor using a new 12nm FinFET technology. This one promises longer battery life, energy efficiency, smarter camera functions, fluid gaming experiences, object and scene identification, and deep-learning facial detection.  MediaTek’s new chipset is built on the company’s legacy of innovative technology as described by the Wireless Communication business unit’s General Manager TL Lee. 

This one is meant to work for AI applications and for more flagship features even on devices not necessarily premium.

The MediaTek Helio P60 is said to be more efficient compared to the older Helio P23, thanks to the following: four Arm A73 2.0 GHz processors, four Arm A53 2.0 GHz processors, LITTLE configuration, and TSMC 12nm production process. The NeuroPilot AI technology with the NeuroPilot SDK works with the Google Android Neural Networks API (Android NNAPI). Also supported are AI frameworks such as TensorFlow, Caffe, Caffe2, and TF Lite.

This processor also includes TAS 2.0 smart antenna technology, 4G LTE WorldMode modem, and dual 4G VoLTE. All these and more allows upcoming mid-range devices to be more reliable, more capable, and much smarter. Expect several MediaTek Helio P60-powered smartphones to be ready by the next quarter (Q2).

SOURCE: Mediatek


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