MediaTek 5G SOC

While Qualcomm, Intel, and ARM are pulling out from Huawei, here is MediaTek getting busy with a new chipset. The last update about the company was back in December when the Helio P90 chipset was benchmarked on AnTuTu. Today, a new multi-mode 5G processor is introduced with the newest GPU, APU, and CPU technology. The product is made with 7nm process tech so you know performance and connectivity will be super fast and powerful. At the Computex Taiwan this week, the MediaTek Helio M70 5G is presented as a 7nm 5G system-on-chip (SoC) that will be used on future 5G phones.

This new processor integrates 5G that OEMs can use on their smartphones. It already comes with Arm’s Mali-G77 GPU, Cortex-A77 CPU, and MediaTek’s AI processing unit (APU). It’s ready to be used on non-stand alone (SA/NSA) sub-6GHz and 5G stand-alone networks.

The first batch of 5G premium devices may use the chip as networks roll out 5G technology. This power-efficient processor from MediaTek will be ready by the third quarter of this year and just in time for Q1 2020 phones.

MediaTek 5G SoC for sub-6GHz allows 4.7 Gbps (download) speeds and 2.5 Gbps (upload) speeds, smart power management and power savings, multi-mode support from 2G to 5G, new AI architecture, state-of-the-art GPU, and the latest CPU technology. The chip is also able to support super high-res cameras up to 80MP and 4K video encoding and decoding.

MediaTek’s 5G chipset is expected to lead the industry as OEMs are encouraged to use the technology. The speed makes all the difference as developers and brands can work on more services, features, and products that require ultra-fast speed and technology.

MediaTek has started working with networks, cellular operators, equipment makers, and suppliers. Hopefully, the mobile market will be ready and eventually spill onto smart cars and smart homes.