There’s a fair number of dual-SIM handsets on the market, but soon we’ll be seeing some triple-SIM offerings, thanks to a partnership between MediaTek and LG. The former has formerly announced its new triple-SIM technology, which is designed for 3G Android smartphones and has already been utilized by LG in one of its newly unveiled smartphones.

The new technology, says MediaTek, is to meet demand in merging markets for multi-SIM mobile devices, and that it has already been utilized in one smartphone: the Lg Optimus L4II, which was launched in Brazil not too long ago. Although not detailed, a statement by LG shows that it plans to make more using the tech.

With the triple-SIM technology, the smartphone or tablet that utilizes it could utilize all three SIM cards at the same time, with each being able to send data, make calls, and place text messages. Likewise, in order to avoid being too much of a drain on battery life, they can also stay in standby mode.

MediaTek hails the technology as providing a “high level of stability,” and reducing the instances of lost or low-quality calls. The target of the technology is primarily emerging markets, but the company says it is expecting to deliver affordable, premium-level options for other markets in the relatively near future as well.

LG Electronics’ Head of Product Planning Group Brian Kwon said: “MediaTek has long provided state-of-art solutions for multi-SIM mobile devices. 3G triple-SIM is yet another example of that. Thanks to its groundbreaking technology, our new smartphones will significantly expand the connectivity options of our customers, and in so doing allow them to take advantage of multiple tariff plans.”

SOURCE: PR Newswire


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