Cloud storage apps have been stepping up their game in order to stand out from the competition, as more and more people are compelled to back up their files on the data storage offers available to them. MediaFire was one of the earliest players in the game, back when cloud was still something you saw in the sky. Their acclaimed Android app’s newest update offers even more features, like automatically backing up photos and streaming your saved content.

MediaFire now offers its users an option to automatically upload in the cloud the photos and videos that you have on your device. There are times when you need to be prompted to back these up, and more often than not, you actually forget to do so. But now, you can rest assured that they are indeed saved on the cloud, if you choose that option.

Another new feature is the ability to stream your music or videos that are saved in the cloud, from wherever you are, as long as you have the app and connection. Since they are in the cloud anyway, why not make use of this content without having to play them from the original source. And if you want to share this content, along with other documents and files stored on MediaFire, you can now do so using SMS/MMS, email or chat apps like Viber, Line, WhatsApp, etc.

MediaFire is also now offering 1TB of extra storage, on top of the free 12 gigs available immediately, for only $24.99 a year (which comes out at $2.50/month). But those who don’t want to avail of that offer can still earn up to 50GB of free space on the cloud just by doing certain tasks asked of you. You can download MediaFire for free from the Google Play Store and then upgrade within the app if you choose to do so.

SOURCE: MediaFire