MediaFire happens to be one of the more well known cloud storage solutions available. And while they have a nice offer, 50GB of free cloud-based storage (and a 200MB file upload size), there has been one item that may have kept them from being fully adopted by Android users — the lack of an app. That being said though, the MediaFire Android app has recently come available.

And yes, it means you can now access your 50GB of cloud-storage from your Android device. Also for new users that may have been holding back because of the lack of on-the-go access — new users will also get the same amount of free storage. The app is available by way of the Google Play Store where it sits at version 1 with support for devices running Android 2.2 or later.

The app appears to have most of the features that one could want and/or hope for, however there seems to be at least one item that is missing. But before we get into the missing, lets get into the features that have been included. The MediaFire app will allow users to listen to audio files and watch video files as well as view documents, spreadsheets and presentations. You can also take and upload images (and videos) directly to your MediaFire account.

The app also allows the user to upload images from the gallery on your device, create new folders, manage existing folders and share files over email, SMS and through other Android apps. And with 50GB of storage, one may worry about finding items — rest assured in knowing that there is the ability to search. Finally, touching on the missing item, that would be batch uploads (and moves). Of course, with the features that are included, it seems the MediaFire Android app is off to a good start and while annoying, the lack of batch uploads will probably not be enough to keep many away.

[via Google Play]