The photos all alone will make you say that it’s another ‘Monument Valley’ in the making. Well, you can’t deny the fact that the graphics are very much like USTWO’s game which become phenomenal almost two years ago. This new puzzle game will have you exploring eight different enchanting words. If the other ‘Monument Valley’ has Princess Ida, this one has Fugue trying to bring back the peace and harmony in your world.

This new puzzle game will not just require  you to go out of the level. You have to ring the bells in order to finish. There are 160 levels all in all spread in eight worlds. The challenge is to find a solution on how to get to those bells  not randomly but in a order.

Meastria is another beautifully crafted game that is accompanied by an enchanting background music. If you finished Monument Valley, it will be easier for you understand and master this game. You’ll be a master in no time as long as you follow the order of the numbers. The music is very much relaxing. It’s the kind you usually hear in beauty spas.

Actually, we’ve featured the game last year and we started solving aural and visual puzzles. For this year though, some updates have been added including redesigned controls and larger buttons the in-game menu. Some errors have been fixed already like the display bug in colorblind mod and translation of the option menu.

One more thing: the game is now free for all. It used to be a premium app but it’s now available for everyone to enjoy.

Download Maestria from the Google Play Store


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