This has probably happened to you once or twice (or more if you have greedy friends). You’re sitting there, just enjoying your good ole french fries from McDonalds, when suddenly, from the corner of your eye, you see a hand reaching for your fries, and you are powerless to stop them. Well, if you live in Canada, the fastfood chain is giving you back the power to stop fry crimes or “frimes” with a new feature in their app: the Fry Defender.

In a witty and funny marketing move, McDonalds Canada will let your device masquerade as a phone in order to stop people from stealing your fries. With “cutting edge motion detector technology”, it not only catches the fry thief, but even gives you the evidence against them by catching them in action. Simply turn on the Fry Defender feature on the McDonalds app and place it near your fries. When someone attempts to get fries off of you, your phone will sound an alarm (you have three options for the sound) and flash red.

The app will even take a snapshot of the thief in action and you can upload it on your favorite social media sites. You can use #stopfrytheft and warn others about potential fry thefts in their area. You can even build a photo grid if there is a gang of fry thieves that might victimize your other friends and loved ones.

The McDonalds Canada app also has other “normal” features, like nutritional information on all your favorite food, restaurant locator, and the whole menu available. But admit it, the only reason why you’d want to have the app would be to catch your friends as they attempt to divest you of your hard-earned fries. Unfortunately, the app is only available in Canada but let’s hope it’s just for now. The world needs more fry defenders.

SOURCE: McDonalds Canada