McAffee’s WaveSecure has just been voted as the Software of the Year by Softwareload- Deutsche Telekom’s software download portal. The vote took place with over 30,000 UK software fans casting their votes online for their favorite software for PC and mobile platforms. WaveSecure took the top spot in the Tools category which we can all agree was is much deserved recognition.

“This is the first time we’ve run our Software of the Year Awards in the U.K. and we’re delighted that they fired the imagination of so many people — almost 30,000 voted in the end. It’s interesting to note that audio software, mobile tools and freeware were the areas which generated the most competition. It’s apparent that when it comes to PC software and mobile applications these are the areas that people are most passionate about.”

Todd Gebhart, executive vice president and general manager of consumer and mobile security at McAfee stated the following about WaveSecures popularity:

“Device loss is the most worrisome and likely security incident that consumer mobile users face today. The WaveSecure security service for consumers allows users complete protection and control of their mobile device, anytime and anywhere. We’re honored that Softwareload readers value this technology and chose it as their favorite tool.”

For those of you who do not know WaveSecure is a service that allows it’s users to remotely locate their device by GPS. You can pinpoint it’s exact location via a web browser or even SMS. If your device is gone, you have the option to either remotely lock it, or even wipe all personal and sensitive data off of the device and it’s memory cards.

You can download WaveSecure from McAfee here with the purchase of a McAfee Total Protection plan.

[Via McAfee]


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