McAfee is a security company that’s been around for a long time and is owned by Intel. McAfee has announced what it claims to be the industry’s first whitelisting security solution for Android-based embedded systems. The application is called McAfee Application Control for Android and is the only security solution that resides in the Android kernel.

That means this application embeds its protection inside the operating system. The security solution is designed to protect the device from the installation or execution of a malicious application. McAfee says that the security solution also provides protection at the application layer for Android users.

The security application provides tamperproof protection and operational control of devices in the field and allows for easy management. McAfee says that before its application was launched, Android security applications operated at the user level. That left devices vulnerable to system-level attacks according to McAfee.

With its new solution residing in the Android kernel, the security gap is eliminated and security is improved for the entire Android stack. The application can be used to prevent unauthorized applications and changes from being made or installed on fixed-function devices and the point of service infrastructure such as retail devices, medical devices, industrial control systems, office equipment, cars, and gaming devices among other things.

[via SlashGear]