It was only last month that I talked about the Maxthon Mobile browser getting an update to support some 3D skins and more. The company has already debuted another new update to the browser that brings it to version 2.2. The new version has a major new feature with add-ons that allow you to do some cool things with the browser. The current add-ons include ones for screen shots, bookmark backup, and task killer utilities.

The bookmark backup and restore feature allows you to import, export, and backup your bookmarks to a SD card installed into the phone. The Screen shots app also allows you to take snapshots of a webpage and save it to the device SD card. Tasks killer will kill processes running in the background to let the phone run faster and the battery last longer.

There is also a version of the new browser for tablet users. Maxthon says that across all platforms it supports it has 130,000,000 users each month. The add-on architecture means that users and developers will be able to add new features to the browser to customize the user experience like many browsers allow.