Maxthon, creators of the cross-platform web browser for Android, iOS, and the PC, has just announced a partnership with RollTech, the value-added services arm of chip maker MediaTek. Their goal: to get Maxthon’s web browser preloaded into the next 100 million or more Android smartphones.

Maxthon might not be at the top of the most popular Android browsers list, but it prides itself on its speed, localization, and cross-platform functionality. It’s ambition is to make its presence known in developing and emerging markets markets, where Internet penetration is relatively lower compared to major regions like North America and Europe. And to do that, it needs a big industry backer.

This support will come from RollTech and its association with MediaTek, one of the more popular ARM manufacturers for Android smartphones and tablets. RollTech’s OEM partners include ZTE, Alcatel, Phillips, LenovoMobile, CKT, and more. This new partnership with Maxthon would mean that the browser will come pre-installed on any number Android devices from those manufacturers.

Maxthon has not revealed any other details but is planning on getting things rolling by 2014. Maxthon and RollTech are specifically targeting markets in Brazil, Russia, and India, where the market for Internet-enabled smart devices, particular Android phones and tablets, are growing at a very rapid pace.