Smartphones are taking over our daily lives, and in a good way. They not only provide a way of communication, but they provide vast amounts of information in the palm of our hands. To make life even easier MasterCard has released an ATM finding application, ATM Hunter for Android.

The ATM application has been on the iPhone and Blackberry for quite some time, and according to MasterCard its a brilliant move to bring it to the fastest growing platform.

Just as you would expect, the application uses the location-based technologies built into Android and your device to determine where you are. Once it gets your location it will display a map of all the ATMs in your area. Users can even customize their search based on their own unique banking needs. An example would be a search for a specific financial institution if they need to make a deposit or find ATMs that do not charge them fees.

The application is available now in the Android Market.

[Via BusinessWire]