No, this new game for Android devices isn’t a music video of the band OK Go playing golf. But obviously, it does involve playing some sort of that sport. OK Golf is the latest game where you get to shoot a tiny ball into a tiny hole virtually when you cannot actually, physically be on the tee. While it may not exactly be as realistic as the actual game, it’s a good alternative if you really like practicing those hole-in-ones without actually being under the sun.

Basically, OK Golf is a quick round of, you guessed it, golf in diorama-looking venues that are inspired by real-life golfing destinations. While it’s not exactly golf to a tee (pun intended), the basics are there and all you have to do is aim, drag, and release the ball on the fairway or on the green. There are no clubs involved as you just do all that on your phone’s display. You can just practice your swing on your own and improve your handicap, or you can compete with others in online multiplayer matches.

Part of the beauty of the game is to be able to play in beautiful and iconic locations, complete with nature sounds in the background to keep you calm and inspired. As you play the game, you will be able to unlock new courses, secret areas, and new game modes. In fact, if you download the game before May 23, you’ll get a preview of the Paris Rooftops level which will be the first update to the game.

You can download OK Golf from the Google Play Store for $2.99. There are no in-app purchases and subsequent updates and new levels will be free.