Nearly every creative is familiar with Adobe Creative Cloud, and for good reason. It’s a subscription service that grants users access to Adobe’s most popular creative apps, such as Photoshop and After Effects. If you want to get into photography and videography, this $39 Complete Adobe Mastery Bundle is for you.

One weapon in every photographer’s arsenal is Lightroom, a photo editing app which allows users to retouch RAW photos. This bundle features two courses for photographers-in-the-making: Adobe Lightroom For Beginners and Mastering Lightroom For Outdoor And Nature Photographers. These courses will teach you photo editing techniques such as adjusting exposure and color grading.

Photoshop is another photo editing app which contains more tools than Lightroom. This makes it ideal for graphic designers, photographers, or even those who want to make memes for sweet Reddit karma. This bundle dedicates five courses to Photoshop alone, which will teach you how to repair photos, create layers, resize images, and more.

These courses in the Complete Adobe Mastery Bundle are $199 each, or $2,189 in total, but you can find it here for $39, or 98% off, at Android Community Deals.