At the Google Next ’19 conference, one of the most welcome news, at least for this particular set of users, is the massive G Suite update that is bringing a lot of new things to Google’s supposedly most loyal customers. The long-awaited integration of Google Assistant is finally happening as well as a lot of other things like Add-ons, Cloud Search, Drive metadata, updates to Hangout Meets, Hangouts Chat integration into Gmail and lots of other goodies that should please G Suite users.

But of course the most important thing right now is that G Suite users will finally be able to use Google Assistant to help them manage their day and their schedules, specifically with Google Calendar. Previously, this integration was only available for regular Google users as opposed to the paying G Suite users. You can now ask any Google-powered smart speaker or smart display for anything that can be answered by the calendar, at least initially since it’s still in beta.

The G Suite Add Ons will let you access your favorite workplace apps from the side panel so you wouldn’t have to switch to things like Copper, Workfront, Box, etc. They will be adding more third-party integrations for CRM and project management tools so you can work on your G Suite apps better. The Drive metadata will let admins and delegates add metadata categories so searching through files would be easier and faster.

Eligible G Suite Enterprise users will also now be able to have third-party connectivity in Cloud Search so you can search through sources like SAP, Workforce, etc. Hangouts Meet updates will include automatic live captions, public live streaming, and adding up to 250 people to join meetings there. Sheets will now have a connected sheets feature to let you collaborate with up to 10 billion rows of BigQuery data without needing things like SQL anymore.

There are tons of other new things that Google is adding to G Suite, like having Hangouts Chat in Gmail, Voice cloud telephony service, visitor sharing in Drive for those that don’t have Google accounts, etc. Oh and Currents is now the name of the Google+ enterprise version, the only remnant of sorts of the failed Google+ social network. Most of these things are still in beta so expect some more improvements over the next few weeks.

SOURCE: Google