Marvel fans, get ready for some Hulk smash. Earlier today the brand new Avengers Initiative game went live on Google Play, and it’s quite amazing. Though this game is a blast and works with multiple high-powered Android smartphones and tablets, those with a Tegra 3 device will really enjoy all that Marvel has to offer. Below we have some screenshots and video so you know what to expect from this awesome $4.99 game.

This is the first episode of what surely will be more to come, and here you get to enjoy the awesome character The Hulk. I’m looking forward to this level of perfection with an IronMan game myself. Marvel promises multiple updates, and episode-like release plans for multiple characters. Oh and the graphics and gameplay are epic. Simply put, you play as the Hulk and do multiple swipes to destroy — everything!

What you see above is us enjoying this awesome new Android game on the NVIDIA Tegra 3 powered Transformer Prime. Obviously the game plays great with tons of powerful devices but users with a Prime or the Nexus 7 will really get to enjoy this game to another level. All the details are crisp, vibrant, and stunning with excellent textures and lighting. Watching your enemies damage grow as you Hulk smash him to pieces is quite fun.

As you can see from our video above the gameplay is dead simple and looks amazing on a mobile device. Marvel and NVIDIA have teamed up to make this an awesome experience for Tegra devices, and it clearly shows. Currently the brand new game is listed at $4.99 which Marvel says is an introductory price. While that might seem high you’ll be happy to know more content is coming soon. This game is set to be a gift that keeps on giving. They called it “episodic content” updates, which will be free. We can expect awesome playable characters like Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man sometime next year. So while the price is high, in the end it will be very much worth it for gamers and Avengers fans. Get it now from the Google Play Store link above or at the NVIDIA TegraZone.