Marvel Comics has recently launched a new app for Android users. This latest app is Marvel Unlimited and it brings along access to the digital comic subscription program. The app itself is free to download, however there are options for a monthly or yearly subscription. Plus, there is also the option to try for free.

The membership pricing is $9.99 on a monthly basis or $59.88 on an annual basis. Free access will include previews of every issue in the archive as well as the ability to read “dozens of full free issues.” Basically, the free access appears to be enough to help you come to a decision in terms of the subscription.

Anyway, once you are paid subscriber, you will then have access to over 70 years of Marvel comics. Marvel also uses what they call Smart Panels, which should help to offer a solid reading experience regardless of whether you are reading on a smartphone or tablet. Speaking of which, the Marvel Unlimited app (in our limited testing) looked nice on both a Nexus 7 and Galaxy S III.


The experience seemed a little nicer on the larger display, however both devices experienced a bit of lag when it came to page turns and switching from portrait to landscape. Otherwise, navigating around the app was fairly simple and straight forward. With that, those interested will be able to find the Marvel Unlimited app by following this Google Play Store link.