If you’ve ever wanted to spend some light-hearted moments with your favorite Avengers, then this new game straight from Marvel‘s pages might give you your cup of joy. Marvel Run Jump Smash! will offer you a mix of adrenaline rush and humorous graphics as you lead your superhero team against the wiley trickster god Loki.

The title should have probably clued you in, but the game is all about running, jumping (or flying), and smashing your way through side-scrolling 2D levels. Assemble your team of fighters composed of popular characters from the Marvel universe, at least in their cute, but still deadly, incarnations. A word of caution: the game’s intentional cartoony aesthetics might attract some but definitely put off others.


As in the recent Avengers film, the world is threatened by the dastardly plots of Loki and you get to assemble your team from a roster of names like Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, and others. Each character is gifted with a special move but don’t get attached to a single one as more points await when you switch between members of your team. Here’s the trailer of the game in case you missed it last time.

Marvel Run Jump Smash! takes you to famous Marvel comics locations, with more areas and heroes promised in future updates. As usual, you can also compete with friends via the game’s leaderboards. Unfortunately there is a very small catch, as it will require that you spend $0.99 to purchase the game, which might not actually sit well even with fans, given the comparatively common features of the title.


VIA: DroidGamers