Everyone seems to be getting into the wireless earbuds game and the newest one to join the audio fray is amps and audio products manufacturer Marshall. They have come out with their first truly wireless earbuds called Mode II, promising a “thunderous” audio experience. Design-wise, it sticks to the black and gold that we’re used to seeing from Marshall products, similar to the other earbuds in its product line like the Mode, Mode EQ, and Minor II Bluetooth earbuds. The difference of course is that those were wired while this one is truly wireless.

The Marshall Mode II comes in an charging case with a retro cover, which seems to fit in with the Marshall branding. It has an in-ear design with a rubberized finish that is supposed to be more durable than other wireless earbuds in the market. It also comes with an IPX 4 water-resistant certification so you can use it for running in the rain or to protect it from your sweat while exercising. It also has customizable ear tips so it can fit comfortably in your ears.

The earbuds themselves have 6mm dynamic drivers and a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz. You can customize its EQ settings in the companion app so it will sound the way you want it to sound. You get five hours of playback from the earbuds and then four more full charges from its battery case. All in all, you get 25 hours of playback from a fully charged case and earbuds. You have Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, the usual touch controls for controlling audio and answering calls as well as accessing voice assistants.

This isn’t the first earphones/earbuds from Marshall of course. You have the aforementioned wired earbuds and they also have a line of on-ear headphones including the Monitor, Monitor Bluetooth, Major III, Major III Voice, Monitor II ANC, among others. We can probably expect more truly wireless earbuds from them as these kinds of audio accessories seem to be all the rage these days.

The Marshall Mode II is now available for $179. It’s a bit more affordable compared to the Samsungs and the Apples but is still on the more expensive side of the market.