Marshall is one brand we like but we haven’t featured any product recently. The last speakers we featured here were the Marshall Acton II and Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth speakers. These products arrived with Google Assistant. The latest from the company is this: the Marshall Emberton. The Emberton is a new compact portable speaker that offers vibrant and loud sound. It takes advantage of True Stereophonic technology to deliver multi-directional, 360° sound for up to 20 hours of audio playtime.

This Emberton maintains the classic design of Marshall guitar amplifiers. It’s one of the many reasons why audiophiles and musicians dig the Marshall. What makes this as another winner is its IPX7 water resistance. This means you can bring this to the beach or by the pool. But since many of us are in lockdown, perhaps you can just bring this to the bathroom. It can survive being underwater up to a meter deep for up to 30 minutes.

The 360-degree sound from this speaker can be enjoyed for almost the whole day on a single charge. That’s impressive for a speaker of its size but can deliver excellent audio. It’s also quick charging. A 20-minute charge can already give you five hours of playtime.

Marshall’s “True Stereophonic” multi-directional speaker technology makes it possible to ‘separate out spatial content of stereo recordings’ as described. The result is sound that is louder and larger all the time.

The speaker features a special multi-directional control knob that controls volume, play, skip tracks, pause, or power off. It connects via Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity which can work up to 30 feet. The price is set at $150. It’s the most compact wireless speaker so far from Marshall.