While we don’t know anything at all about the Mario Kart Tour game that Nintendo announced a year ago, Super Mario fans were probably excited to know more about it as the launch date was already close. Initially, they said it was going to be launched before the end of March but now, after they have released their latest round of financial statements, they also announced that the launch of this “mysterious” game will be delayed to summer of 2019.

It was a year ago that Nintendo announced that they would be releasing Mario Kart Tour in 2019. But aside from that, there was no other information shared that day. There have been no leaks and rumors about it too and so we don’t really know whether or not we should be excited about this. By this time most people probably even forgot that such a game was supposed to be launching in a couple of months.

So the fact that it’s going to be delayed is probably not that much of a disappointment since we don’t have any videos, pictures, or even information what the game is all about. Hopefully, in the months leading to its summer release, we’ll have a clearer idea what the game is about and how it will relate to the always popular games set in the Mario universe.

Another question would be how Nintendo will plan to monetize this game. They have been experimenting with different strategies like Super Mario Run which is free in the beginning then you’ll have to pay $10 to unlock the full game or the “gacha” type where the publisher earns money from in-app purchases. Let’s see where Mario Kart Tour will fall under, if we ever get more information about it.

VIA: SlashGear