Google Maps has recently received an update. If it weren’t for an APK download, we won’t notice that some of the elements in the user interface can be dismissed or hidden. You see, there are some items on the screen that are not important or are not always used that we can actually do away with them. In Google Maps app version 9.11, you can now remove elements by simply tapping on the screen.

If you’re a frequent Maps user, you’ll say that a screen is cleaner with the elements hidden. You can hide those stuff you don’t need in most maps views. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything when you are in a turn-by-turn navigation mode.

If you’re simply scrolling through the map, you can easily remove that “explore” function you usually see at the bottom of the screen. It’s a simple change but definitely practical. And if you’ve been wanting to share My Maps right from the app, you can do so now too.

This version features minor changes only but the permission to hide unwanted UI elements can be very useful. This update also includes editing captions of photos in Maps. Some of these photos are also saved on Google Photos and are tagged with location or area in maps.

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VIA: Android Police