If you’re a fan of awesome running games like Temple Run, or enjoy the casual platform game for Android we have a brand new just launched game worth taking a look at. It’s called MANUGANU, which reminds me a bit of Crash Bandicoot to say the least, and the graphics are excellent. Check out the details, screenshots, and release trailer video below.

The developers explain this awesome brand new Android game as a “platform runner’ that delivers pure action to your smartphone or tablet. We’ll be able to Run, jump and slide from ropes, dodge rocks and more but they even claim that isn’t all either. Manuganu offers much much more.

You’ll be jumping over spikes and rocks, avoiding huge hammers and all types of exciting stuff all in great detail and graphics with a fun and casual gameplay style. It is essentially a casual and fun 3-D side scrolling action game. It has great graphics and pretty neat sound effects too. Check out the launch video below:

You’ll be running and jumping your way through over 30 completely unique and different levels, and everything is the familiar 3-star system for completion. The game is completely free but we do have some in-game ads between actual levels and menus. All 30 levels will also change with the 3 different level theme options as well, so you’ll have plenty of options to help you pass the time.

It is pretty fun and casual from our limited time with it, and there’s instructions you can read or pass at the beginning of challenging levels. And again, the graphics are pretty sweet. It got our Nexus 7 pretty warm rather quickly, but most newer dual-core and above smartphones should handle it quite well. Not bad not bad. Give it a try today from the link below.

[via Play Store]



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