There’s nothing in Alper Sankaya’s “Manuganu 2” that you haven’t seen before. It’s a platform runner, and there’s only so much you can do with a side-scroller, right? Sankaya proves us wrong with that last statement, because as limited as the platform running game could be, what the developer has done with Manuganu 2 is more than enough to catch your attention and make you waste minutes in casual gaming.

The game manages to carry casual gamers along – with seemingly endless replay value – on the back of some solid platforming gameplay, a beautifully-rendered game world, and a very welcome amount of variety for such a limited game. You play as a little tribal fellow who faces challenges along the side-scrolling action. The first stage will make you immediately familiar with the platforming games that we’ve all played in our childhood.

But suddenly, the game introduces new paths and trails, new sections. The view will switch and you will find your little tribal guy in the middle of a frenetic climbing level that requires you to run and flip between vertical poles. The game is actually very smartly produced in introducing new challenges, and even a new glide ability lets you, well… fly.

We warn you that none of this is close to being original, but therein lies the surprise – the game is still fun to play in spite of this. Manuganu 2 seems to have perfected the right mix of borrowed ideas and new ones that gives the game warmth and excitement. The game is free to download at the source link via the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Google Play Store