There are a lot of options now for people who would want an Android Auto compatible head unit, but they are undoubtedly expensive. Plus, if you have an older car, chances are the newer head units won’t fit on your dashboard. A developer has shared a way for you to DIY your way to an Android Auto head unit, if you like doing DIY projects and if you’re willing to see what you can make out of the Crankshaft Android Auto software, a Raspberry Pi 3, and its touchscreen.

What is Crankshaft? Well, it is a free “turnkey” GNU/Linux distribution that you can install onto a Raspberry Pi 3 with touchscreen. Then you can place the “head unit” on your old car, connect your phone to use Android Auto, and drive away. That’s pretty easy when you read it, but there is real work involved in putting these things together. That said, it should be pretty straightforward for people who are used to DIY electronic projects.

The developer, Huan Truong, said the project began when he couldn’t find an affordable Android Auto head unit that fit in his 1998 car, which has a single DIN slot. Make no mistake, there are head units for cars with single DIN slots, but you’d really think twice if the price is worth it. This DIY project will cost you around USD$110, which is a lot cheaper than a single DIN head unit.

Check out the source link for more details on the project. The developer replies to queries on Reddit, so if you have comments or suggestions, you might want to raise it with him there.

SOURCE: Reddit