Weather conditions can be far more extreme in certain parts of the states than others, and home should be a place where you feel most comfortable. For some, it can be a chill factor to come home and find that it’s not so cozy and warm as it should be. In other instances, home can be unbearably hot that you don’t even look forward to stepping foot though the door. Nest, the smart thermostat, has paired with Automatic, a car technology company in making it easier for you to come home to a nicely tempered home.

Automatic has rolled out a device that pairs up with the the Nest smart thermostat to monitor where your whereabouts are and acts accordingly to set the right temperature when your close to home or even away to save on the electric bill – known as the “away” mode. By setting “rules” Automatic will notify Nest when you’re in proximity of home and act accordingly to however you set the controls.

Specified options through the app let you control how the Nest thermostat acts. The device connects to your car via onboard computer. It’s noted that most cars 1996 and newer should be compatible with the device, but just in case you’re wary check here:

Time is money and both smart devices are seen as saviors of that. Collaboration of the two devices could help you feel more comfortable and at ease, as this seems to be the goal for the two companies.

SOURCE: iDownload Blog