Mobile Authentication Taskforce

In an effort to keep consumers’ data and information always safe and secure, the top mobile carriers in the United States have teamed up to deliver a solution. The Mobile Authentication Taskforce is being launched to come up with a mobile authentication solution for customers and enterprises this coming 2018. The goal is to develop ways on how to improve and totally make information, services, and applications safe from attacks and fraudulent transactions.

Data theft is real and OEMs, companies, and networks need to join forces now to ensure that the future of the mobile industry is safe from harm. It’s no secret that devices and services can be vulnerable to any attack or theft but there are numerous solutions available. Not everything may succeed but there are those you can rely on.

For next year, we can expect the Mobile Authentication Taskforce to bring something more powerful to the customers. Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T together with another network are joining their resources and forces to work on a solution that will hopefully address any common issues such as SIM card recognition, geo-location, and network-based device authentication.

The GSM Association believes this collaboration will be best for the industry. GSMA’s Chief Technology Officer Alex Sinclair said, “Through strong collaboration, the taskforce announced today has the potential to create impactful benefits for U.S. customers by helping to decrease fraud and identity theft, and increase trust in online transactions. Further, we will be working closely with the taskforce to ensure this solution is aligned and interoperable with solutions deployed by operators.”

All four networks will be making their contributions to the development, aiming to develop a well advanced mobile authentication solution that will reduce identity risks. The idea is data and activity patterns on a network will be analyzed while app developers start working on related solutions. This way, the mobile industry and the public will someday benefit from the advanced solution.

SOURCE: AT&T, Verizon