Barnes & Noble ladies and gentlemen get your digital page turning fingers out and strap on your sitting shoes, because there’s going to be some excellent additions to your cherished NOOK device come November 2010. Items requested by adamant readers such as improved search, customized organization of your Barnes & Noble Library, and password protection. Then there’s the fun stuff like quicker page turning, the ability to access your NOOK books across multiple devices (like your phone, iPad, etc.,) with automatic updates to each. That means that if you want to read a couple pages on the bus and all you’ve got is your phone with a NOOK app, once you get home to read some more on your main Nook device, you’re good to go, two pages deeper!

Keeping all of your devices in sync is a big deal. You don’t want to have to have all your apps open, flipping all the pages at once like you’re at a bingo hall. Nay! You want automation. That’s what’s going on here, across all devices: your NOOK eReader, iPhone, iPod touch, Android smartphone, or PC. And it’s free. The application for buying and reading books follows the wave of freeness that’s been flowing steady in our electronic marketplace now for years by being free to download.

NOOK for Android, free to download may I remind you, is also getting an update later this week. This will be NOOK for Android v2.3, featuring such lovely additions as the ability to “Go To” a specific page number, view highlights, notes, deletion of books from your library, search within books, and an updated home screen. The updated home screen and unnamed enhancements are said to make reading and managing side-loaded content easier.

[Via Gear Diary]


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