Virtual keyboard apps have become an in thing for those dissatisfied with their device’s native typing pad. One of the most popular ones out there is Fleksy and we think they’re about to become even more popular with their biggest update to date, bringing keyboard extensions, including the (almost) always fun world of GIFs to your fingers. And if “extensions” sounds like such a boring feature, wait til you see what you can now do without leaving the app you’re currently typing on.

Probably one of the best extensions available with the latest update is their GIF extension, which makes them the first keyboard app to support this form of communication that has rivaled that of the emoji. Why use words to express yourself when you can now use meme-type GIFs to best say what you want to say? Another fun extension can turn your keyboard into an Android Launcher so that you can switch to any of your most-used apps from Fleksy itself. Other extensions include Editor/Cursor control, Number Row, Keyboard Shortcuts, Rainbow Key Pops (when you want your keyboard to colorfully pop everytime you type) and Invisible Keyboard (make your keyboard transparent!).

Fleksy gives you 3 free “slots” in your virtual keyboard so you can choose the 3 initial extensions you want to use. You can easily activate and deactivate the different extensions, depending on your mood or which you find most useful to you. If you want more slots, you will also be able to purchase additional ones in the Fleksy store. There are also new themes available, including Frozen (which rival SwiftKey also has), Hunger Games, and a Chameleon theme which changes the color of your keyboard depending on the app you’re using.

The update also brings an almost complete redesign because of the extensions and customizations. If you’re not yet a fan of Fleksy, you can try it out by downloading it for free from the Google Play Store. You can also buy themes and other features on their Fleksy store.

SOURCE: Fleksy


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