Dropbox has recently pushed out an update to its Mailbox app on Android that adds a little new feature. These three buttons on email notifications may seem quite insubstantial, but they can potentially ease a user’s workflow by reducing the amount of taps required to take action on a new message.

Action buttons on notifications are definitely nothing new on Android. But since Mailbox is still a newcomer to the platform, it understandable that it would experience some growing pains. With the update, Mailbox notifications will now let users quickly deal with mail as they come. You can either archive a mail, snooze it, or reply to it immediately, even without opening the main app before hand. This actually follows the GTD (Getting Things Done) productivity mantra, which Mailbox is an adherent of, when dealing with incoming stuff. Either you act on it, in which case you reply, if it takes less than two minutes to do so, file it away if you have no use for it, or defer it for later when you have more time to spend on it.

It’s a subtle change that can mean a lot for Mailbox users, though it will probably not work so well when email arrives in bulk. Then you will simply see a list in the notifications panel, requiring you to open up the app anyway. Of course, it still doesn’t address our biggest gripes with the whole system, particularly the lack of support for Gmail labels, but that’s unlikely to change given that it might interfere with Mailbox’s entire paradigm.

Download: Mailbox on Google Play Store