Magzter Gold

We don’t often talk about digital newsstands and magazine stores because there are too many out there. However, Magzter, one of the more popular ones today recently rolled out a new promo that offers unlimited access to subscribers willing to pay $9.99 every month. Magzter’s All-You-Can-Read subscription deal brings the more than 24 million users access to the biggest collection of digital magazines available for all platforms from mobile to tablet and to the web.

Magzter currently has 2,000 titles on the library including top magazines like ESPN The Magazine, Fast Company, and Maxim. The most popular magazines from different countries like Singapore, India, and the UK are also included in the library. Magzter has promised to add more titles this 2015.

Digital magazine reading is still in its early stage. More people have yet to adopt digital reading and magazine subscriptions but the potential for this trend is really big. With the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and ultrabooks, reading on different platforms is now more accessible and made easier. Instant access to digital materials and media files is what people usually demand and with Magzter’s latest promo, no doubt demand will increase especially with an affordable monthly fee.

Magzter Gold features numerous content categories. The current bestsellers, most popular titles, classics, special interests and hobbies, and even niche publications are all available in the library. Magzter has designed a great user interface for better content discovery. It can learn the preferences of the individual based on the interactions and interests, made possible by algorithms within. The new Magzter interface also allows a user to download multiple titles faster and at the same time. This allows faster content discovery and improving “speed-to-read” times.

If the $9.99 monthly fee is too much for you, you can avail of the Magzter Gold Lite for only $4.99 per month. This deal gives unlimited access to only five titles every month but you can change your choices of titles at the end of each month.

SOURCE: Magzter