If you ask around the Android developer community, Magisk is probably the best and easiest method for achieving root access on an Android-powered smartphone. It’s a hassle-free way of achieving root access on your phone, and the main reason for this popularity is that there is no need for any modifications to the system in order to achieve root access. Developer “topjohnwu” has now come out with the latest update to the beta version, which is now Magisk v15.4.

There are improvements in the Magisk 15.4 beta that include improvements to MagiskBoot, optimizations in Magisk Manager, and socket obfuscation. The improvements in MagiskBoot means that the system can now support more boot images. According to topjohnwu, MagiskBoot could be “the most powerful single binary to handle Android boot images.”

Magisk Manager also receives improvements – the new “zipadjust” tool now simplifies the Magisk building system for signing ZIP files. There are also new adjustments in the code that improve this element’s stability. Lastly, Magisk now has socket obfuscation – the daemon that was usually assigned to a specific socket to listen for root access requests from app now gets a new socket name every time you boot up your device, so apps like SafetyNet and such can be hidden from root access.

You can download Magisk 15.4 beta via the official XDA thread, and Magisk Manager 5.6.0 is available through the stable channel. Check them out.



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